Thesis Proofreading Guidelines

Proof reading makes sure that your coursework or dissertation is free of mistakes, free of typos and before starting the proof reading dissertation make sure you are free mind , not stressed and free from any outer distractions like mobile phone (switch off before starting)

Here are the essential tips that one must follow and I can affirmatively say that if one follows these guidelines the dissertation proofreading will be free from errors and mistakes and the best thing is you can do on your own. Wow.

  • Read your coursework loudly and slowly.
  • Don’t assume that small things like punctuation and grammar are not important. They are very important to consider in proofreading coursework, if possible use the spelling checking softwares like Microsoft Word.   
  • Always revise your coursework at least more than once, if possible try getting the feedback from your friend, thus improves the proofreading dissertation.
  • First proofread your body of the text and then your headings of your thesis.
  • Some words sound similar but their meanings are different like principle or principal sound similar , make sure you are using the correct words. Double check with these kinds of words.
  • Focus on punctuations, apostrophes as they are important part of the body of your coursework.
  • It is very important to stick to the rules of correctly quoting your sources. It is important to ensure that the evidence presented in your paper can be trusted. Don’t give the references like WikiPedia, or from blogs etc.
  • Always make sure your heading and subheadings are clear and concise.
  • After checking the document once, try reading it backwards word by word and you will be amazed to see that you have found lot of mistakes while proofreading assignment.
  • It is always a good idea to double check with the facts, figures and any data used while proofreading homework.
  • If you know about your common mistakes or typos then use the search function of Microsoft Word or any editing software you are using to search for those common mistakes in your coursework document, because it is easy to skip those common mistakes while proofreading course work.
  • Check for presentation of report as well like font size, font colours , font types etc.
  • Double Check page numbers and headers, footers.
  • If possible then print your assignment and proofread dissertation again before submission, I bet you will find something that needs your attention.