SWOT Analysis Coursework Sample

A Case Study on Coca -Cola based classwork

Good example of SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis coursework

Coursework Question: Do the SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis on a company called Coca-Cola and based on the analysis found , present the best recommendations how the company can perform better in market.

   SWOT Analysis

  • The brands positioning has been very strong as it has been part of many people’s lives for quite some time now.
  • The image of the brand holds a lot of sentimental value for many consumers as well as distributors.
  • The recognition of the brand is very high as the company has put in a lot of effort towards promotional campaigns for the same purpose and has put them on day to day items like T Shirts and hats.
  • They have portrayed their brand as one which provides quality and enjoyment at the same time.
  • The system which is followed by Coca cola for the purposes of bottling is one of its biggest strengths.
  • They conduct their business which is global but always keep in mind the local requirement and prerequisites.
  • The ownership of the companies for bottling is local and is looked after by people independent from the company and has the authority to distribute their products. This gives them greater reach and more profitability as their operation is not restricted like of their competitors.
  • At times their global presence is detrimental to its profitability like seen in the case of their operations in Indonesia and Thailand where their income came down as the power for purchasing of the consumers there went down even though the company was doing well in other markets internationally.
  • The markets which were expected to generate profits have let the company down due to the unpredictable nature of the environment.
  • Brand recognition is to be explored in order to improve their positioning with regard to the competition.
  • The changes which have taken place in terms of packaging has resulted in major affects on the market positioning of the product.
  • The consumers have not been affected much by the launch of new product in the market.
  • The system followed by Coca cola has provided a stable platform which has been utilized to tap the opportunities which are infinite in number in order to promote growth all across the world.
  • The growth strategy which is being used is aimed at a large and different zones giving it broader reach.
  • The threat of competitor who is strong enough with regard to its presence is a bleak possibility but not impossible
  • The threat related to substitutes is very strong and is they are constantly trying to fight it. They are venturing into other products like tea, juices etc in order to fight it only.
  • The consumers getting more and more health conscious also poses as problem for the company and they have to modify their products accordingly so that they do not loose out on profitability and consumer base.
  • Diversification of the competitors poses as a major problem for Coca cola.
  • The power which is possessed by the consumers to purchase a product is a major threat for Coca cola or even the entire beverage industry. Every one who is part of this industry has to be on their toes to offer something better than their competitors giving them the edge and helping them improve their share in the market.
  • The consumer’s ability to switch over to other products with no implication for them on cost would have a major implication of the company on the whole and its profitability.

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