How to write a SWOT Analysis Coursework.

SWOT Analysis based Assignments:

The SWOT coursework is mostly case study based, you first need to understand what actually the SWOT analysis model is and then apply the model on the case study. To start the coursework you can brainstorm the case study with all four factors S, W, O, T then it will produce a good SWOT analysis model and then write the decisions based on the analysis made.

SWOT based class work need you to do the strategic planning on the case study given by identifying its strengths, weakness, the external opportunities and the external threats. The important point here is the weaknesses become the opportunities. Also every supposed threat, the same change also presents an opportunity for an organisation.

It is important that your SWOT analysis class work should be logically structured and presented clearly with analysis, if you can present the analysis in bullet points that makes it clearer and can gain more marks.

I will show you here the simple and best approach to write the SWOT analysis:

Write each part in a tabular form with the headings S, W, O and T.

Then start filling each cell with the keywords.

After you complete this exercise then you will be able to write the detailed SWOT analysis by expanding the keywords.


Swot Analysis esay Help

Swot Analysis Coursework

I have given you an example of SWOT analysis assignment based on Coca-Cola

See how I am filling the above table with keywords then expand those keywords in my detailed assignments samples shown:

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