Research Proposal Structure

Presenting your research proposal is quite important part of writing the research. Often students ask how should be the skeleton of the dissertation proposal. So here I am presenting how a proposal structure should be!!

Proposal Structure

•         Working Title

•         Background

–        Importance of research

–        Literature scope

–        Where your project fits within literature

•         Research Question

–        Objectives

•         Methodology

•         Research Plan

•         Timescales

•         Resources

–        Contingency plan

•         References

Working Title

•         E.g. “Why do complex change projects continue to fail?”

–        What academic subject that you are studying supports this research?

–        What is the scope of what I am trying to achieve?

–        What will this not include?

Research Question

•         For example:

Research Questions:

Why do complex information systems projects continue to ‘fail’ or be ‘challenged’.


–        Synthesize reasons for failure in literature

–        Synthesize reasons for success

–        Gather evidence of how to avoid failure

Gantt charts

•         Needs to be one in your proposal

•         You compile it so its your estimate

•         You need to use it to monitor your progress

•         Your supervisor will also use it to monitor your progress

•         It needs to be REALISTIC


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