There is always a part where there is the need to refer the work of the other authors.

This is one of the most important parts of the assignment. There is the use of the text from a number of the sources. There should be a degree of the acknowledgement of the resources. This type of the referencing can be done at the end of the assignment or the beginning of the assignment. There is a definite need of the references when there is the use of the theories, data, charts or the organizational material of the other sources. The reference of the information has to be taken from a number of the sources like that of the communication at the personal level or the sources that are electronic in nature.
There is the requirement of the references if-

  • The use of the quotes. (The usage of there exact words of someone else).
  • The direct use of the copying (the use of the tables, structure or the figures).
  • The use of the paraphrasing (the conversion of the ideas of one of the other writer’s composition).
  • The use of the summarizing.

There is the use and the need of the references for the following reasons-

  • It showcases the breadth of the research.
  • It increases the strength of the academic argument that are being used.
  • There is the path to the source of the information.
  • There is a great degree of the thinking being involved in the consultation of the resources.
  • There is also an increased chance of the verification of the data that has been provided as a part of the research.

There is the need of the use of the transparency of the information being provided as a part of the research. There is a common method that can be used in the case of the referencing. This is a generalized flowchart that can be followed in referencing. There is a logic that can be applied to reference any information. It has been detailed by a number of the authors. I am giving a simple method. Follow it for the best results.

Source- Harris, 2001

So, guys, use this path to clear any doubts. This is the proven way that can be used as the starting point for the justification of the referencing.