A good example of IT Project planning coursework

Project Planning Coursework Sample
Project Plan assignment example showing how a organization called ABC Ltd can use the IT services to increase its profit and you are hired as an project consultant to present the feasibility project .
Good example of project planning and management coursework
1 Introduction

The aim of this report is to highlight the benefits of implementing the IT as a service apart from the educational services in ABC LTD. The report covers the basics in IT markets, some IT market study, benefits of the project and the proposed procedures to implement the project in the organisation.

2 Key Stakeholders

1.     Directors of ABC Ltd.

2.     Shareholders of ABC Ltd.

3.     Employees of ABC Ltd.

3 Impact of IT and Computers in market

Computers have become a way of life today. We totally depend on them at work and when they go down, we almost can’t do our jobs! The other day, I went for some medical tests and their computer network was down and they had to use a typewriter. The registration process would have been faster if it had been printed instead of typed. There ABC Ltdre several typos which she “X” out.

Computer software has made our lives much easier and we depend on them to always work correctly. Computers and software have both improved immensely in the last few years.

The influence of computers is universal. Computers are used in applications ranging from running a farm, running a shop, diagnosing a disease, and designing to constructing and launching a space vehicle.

IT with computers has made a significant impact on every type of industry in market ranging from small retail shop to a big super store. Every body needs IT to increase its business performance.

IT services means delivering the IT as a service to the people or to the organisations that need IT. The body that delivers the IT as a service to its customers is called as IT Service Provider. The IT services include like hardware services, software services, web design services, computer networking services, IT design services etc. IT Service provider companies are growing at an alarming rate with their annual revenue. Private small IT companies especially in countries like India, China experience the 25.1% of annual growth rate on an average basis. On a fact figure basis one of the IT services supplier known as Satyam (an Indian based firm) has generated the annual revenue of INR. 1661.12 Crore with an annual growth of 31.28 % in IT services.


Information technology enabled services, or ITES, is a form of outsourced service which has emerged due to involvement of IT in various fields such as banking and finance, telecommunications, insurance, etc. Some of the examples of ITES are medical transcription, back-office accounting, insurance claim, credit card processing data entry, ABC Ltdb site development and many more. This is also called BPO or Business Process Outsourcing.

Firms usually from developed countries outsource such services to countries like India, China and Philippines in order to gain from large talent pool and low labour cost.

More companies outsourcing such services and hence high competition is expected within countries and companies providing IT-enabled services.

Benefits for ABC Ltd by delivering it services

As ABC LTD is already an established organisation delivering educational services, it could further grow more by implementing the IT delivery services in the organisation. The organisation is located in the centre of the city, has enough capability to expand in terms of area, man power and other resources. The management personalities are committed, responsible, hard working and professional. Apart from these bounties for organisation, the IT delivery services can provide the following benefits to organisation:

1.     IT can increase the overall growth rate of ABC LTD in terms of its revenue, reputation and performance.

2.     IT can further enhance the working procedures of already established educational services by providing the student management software, by improving the design of already established web site, by improving the advertisement strategies, by providing the assistance to IT related students in their projects, assignments and course work.

3.     Organisation can start the basic IT courses (job oriented) in its premises like Data Entry course, Microsoft Office course, Computer Hardware course, Computer Networking course. ( Further enhancement to Educational services)

4.     Teachers, administrators and students can use the IT based systems like student management software to improve their communication process and to improve the administrative tasks like record keeping. ( Further enhancement to Educational services)

5.     Through IT, ABC LTD can spread its branches in terms of Web (like distance education courses) and in terms of locations as ABC Ltdll. (Further enhancement to Educational services)

6.     Through IT, ABC LTD can improve its advertisement designs and its advertisement strategy.

7. Improvement in the organisational structure by hiring more responsible, dedicated and professional staff.

   Proposed Procedures: (How will ABC Ltd implement the project?)

As I am aware that the ABC LTD is totally an educational based organisation and implementing IT will not be an easy step for the organisation. Therefore the project can be started on small scale basis by implementing some of the following steps:

1.     Implement IT tasks related to enhancement of educational services as discussed already in the benefits like designing the student management software etc.

2.     Add to the present website that the organisation offers software services and educational services.

3.     Start advertising about the services of the organisation in the market.

4.     If new project will come, the organisation needs to hire more employees.

5.     ABC Ltd can start with little projects like data entry, small websites development, students’ projects etc.

6.     ABC Ltd can even outsource the project to countries like India, as offshore outsourcing can provide ABC LTD with the opportunity to harvest the benefits of low labour costs in developing countries like India with few workers rights laws and to exploit the value of artificially manipulated foreign currencies, where the exchange rate is intentionally undervalued.

7.     ABC Ltd can introduce some vocational based or part-time based IT, non-IT related courses like MS Office training , computer hardware training , English speaking or writing training etc.


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