Tips for writing the IT Coursework

IT coursework are of various types like programming coursework, network coursework, database coursework, website based coursework,computer science coursework, web services based coursework.
IT coursework are tricky and time consuming especially the programming coursework if you are new to the programming language.
Programming homework requires the analytical and mathematical skills. You should first be aware of the syntax of the language you are writing on.

Every programming language has its own data types and writing style which is called as syntax, as a leaner you should be aware of its keywords , syntax and its development environment. Some languages like Java have got different development environments provided by different vendors, in that case just do the research before using the development environment.

You need to understand and analyse first its features like

  •  ‘Does this support the intellisense ?
  • Is there context help available ?
  • Can third party libraries be easily plugged in with the development IDE?

Make sure you have learned the concepts like how to write the comments, variables, scope, data structures, conditions , constructs, loops, methods and classes. Writing the good variable and function names is always recommended. Giving proper spacing will make your programs readable and score good marks for the coursework. You should know the difference between the procedural and object oriented language. Please remember understanding data and control structures and design patterns does matter very much rather than knowing the actual syntax of language. Once you know the concepts, then its is just a matter of reusing the concepts and then referring to documentation and books to learn the syntax of the new programming language for your programming coursework.

Programming can be a sometimes frustrating and solitary experience but remember patience always pays. Good programming course workers are persistent problem solvers and they recognize the small achievements that come along a long path of trial and error.If possible, get a friend to work with you along the way, believe me that helps as lot, teamwork pays because everyone thinks differently and have unique sense of logic which proves very useful in programming assignments.

A piece of advice.

Don’t be scared of programming assignments, programming languages may have different syntaxes but the rules are almost the same. So if you learn one language then knowing the another language will not be tedious task. You could start with a simple language like Visual Basic and you can download the Express free edition from the Microsoft website. There is a plenty of information available on the internet and there are many people available online to help.

The best way to learn and complete the programming homework is to start writing programs, and to study great programs that other people have written. Just dive straight into the coding and keep tweaking the code and keep checking your results or output of your program, in that way you realise that you are learning and also completing your coursework while learning.

Sounds Great. Please give this a Try. 🙂

Apart from this you can try online resources like

Here we are discussing the different programming languages based assignments, we will discuss how you can approach them, what are the various sources available to help you in accomplishing the programming tasks, what are the available tools and soft wares especially the freeware tools that are more economical for the students.
The different IT projects , programming dissertations and the key computer science dissertation topics have been discussed here.
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