Marketing Coursework Guidelines with marketing assignment sample

Marketing is a very wide subject and student needs to understand the marketing concepts and most importantly how to apply those concepts to the marketing coursework. Some marketing assignments are based on the case studies then the best way to approach them is to find the relevant marketing theories, frameworks and apply those in the marketing coursework case study.

The marketing assignment should be very informative and related to what has been asked. Students need to do proper research on the topic and should write the enough evidence to support their ideas. If possible try to use the marketing techniques in the marketing homework and provides its advantages and limitations. Give the recommendations in marketing coursework as well in terms of the marketing ways to improve the company’s brand, relationship with customers and its ethics.

It is always a good idea to give the real examples in the marketing assignment and reference  those examples properly, like if the marketing homework is on the relationship marketing then giving real examples of companies who are applying the relationship marketing in order to retain the customers like a company called as Tesco that uses the club card scheme to maintain the relationship with the existing customers then you can justify further that how this scheme is giving the competitive edge to Tesco. Examples like these in the marketing coursework will definitely help you gaining more marks.

Click here  to see the free marketing coursework sample based on the case study of Thomas Cook travel  company.
This is the marketing assignment sample on the case study basis of Thomas Cook Travel where the author has to evaluate the positioning of the company in the market and provides the recommendations on how the company can improve its position in the market.