Leadership Questions

Why leadership need to change?

There are different styles of leaderships in the organisation; every style has its own
strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes the particular type of style is not suitable
according to the needs of the organisation and to the needs of the situation in the
organisation. In this type of situation we need to change our leadership style. For
example rather than using the own style of leadership the good leader will prefer to
take the different approaches and different styles to suit the needs of situation or
organisation and also they make sure that their own needs are met as well.
The following are the reasons to clear that why do we need to change the leadership
1. If the leader is not flexible to use any style of leadership then he may harm the
2. If the leader can not recognise the different demands of the organisation or
situation then that demand will not be fulfilled in time and budget that cause a great
3. Inflexible leader can slow down the performance of the organisation.
4. Inflexible leader can create confusion in the team members and thus a
communication gap.
5. One style of leadership can create the conflicts between the staff in the

Why organisations need to change?

Organizations face forces that drive them to change. Because change means doing
something new and unknown.
Change in organisation can be made due to many factors. The few of them are as
1. Organisation funding is reduced or increased.
2. The interests and needs of the people in your community are changing.
3. There is pressure to use modern technology.
4. When projects or programs are evaluated, a need to change is identified.
5. Your group performs activities just for the sake of keeping busy.
6. Government support is increased or decreased.
7. Membership is increasing or dropping.
8. Employees do not have enough skills and experience.