Employee Resourcing Sample – An example of HRM coursework on Masters Level

Employee Resourcing Coursework Sample
Human Resource Coursework Question: Select an organisation known to you.
Part 1: Briefly summarise the organisation. What does it do? What are its aims? Where has it come from and where is it going? This is your opportunity to explain why you have chosen this organisation – in business terms – to ‘paint a picture’ of it and place it in context. (250 words)
Part 2: Analyse the impact of the areas of employee resourcing we have discussed in class so far – what impact do these aspects have on the resourcing decisions made in the organisation? (750 – 1000 words)
Part 3: Based on the work you do in the formative piece, I will set questions for you to answer in this section. These will be given to you in the second week of the Spring term.


Rolls- Royce


Rolls Royce was established in 1906 in England .Royce started as a car manufacturing firm .The company was founded by Henry Royce and Charles Rolls and was named as Rolls-Royce. The Rolls- Royce designed premium cars till 1914 but it started designing aero engines after that it became a big player in aero engine designs .(Rolls-Royce 2007)

Business description

The firms operates in four major sectors defence ,aerospace ,marine and energy .Its cars are manufactured by Vauxhall but still they come under Rolls-Royce brand .The company’s has its production facilities in over 50 countries and has a strong workforce of 37300 people .Rolls Royce has manufactured engines for more than 600 airlines and 4000 utility operators .

Rolls Royce has many suppliers which designs and manufacture dedicatedly for Rolls-Royce. The firms defence sector provides engine to 25 percent of world military fleet. The defence division has nearly 160 customers in 80 countries. Rolls Royce is a world wide leader in marine propulsion, engineering and hydrodynamic expertise. The marine segment has 2000 customers and has equipment installed in 20000 vessels world wide .Rolls-Royce is already is global player, its strategy is to maintain the market position world wide and in creasing the returns on investment. (Data monitor 2007)

Strategic objectives

Rolls Royce has four major strategies such as investment in research and development, widening the product portfolio , maintaining the business portfolios ,consolidating the market position .The Rolls-Royce is the best organization to study human resourcing as it is a global organization and has huge workforce . The firm spends 30 million pounds on the training and development programs for employees .It run its graduate training programs in U.K,U.S, Canada ,China , Deutschland ,Norway and Sweden.(Rolls Royce 2007)

Employees resourcing

This part of Human Resource Management addresses one of the core areas of human resource practice: This means getting the right persons, with right skills at right time. The important aspects of employee resourcing include

Recruitment and Selection

Talent management

Human resource planning.(Hendry.C 1996)

According to Plumbley and Montgomery the focus of recruitment and selection is on establishing the relation between capabilities of the candidates and the requirement at the given job. (Aaker 1989) reckons recruitment and selection as the main weapon in a business strategy to gain competitive advantage .The capabilities of employees are the main source of profitability and survival of a firm. The recruitment and selection provides the right people in the right job at the right time.Plumbley (1985).

Burack and Singh (1995) indicate the importance of changing customer needs and organizational structures, On the other hand Pfeiffer (1994) argues that “capability of employees differentiate successful and unsuccessful organization” .

Anderson and Shackleton (1986) states that the organizational recruitment policies and practices are responsible for the class of recruits .The selection procedure is very important in selecting recruits of high caliber. The recruitment’s first stage is the thorough analysis of the role and responsibility of the vacant job ,than it analyses the requirements of the job and fit between organization and structure and than attracting the suitable candidates for the vacancy.

According to Farham and Pimlot (1995) effective recruitment has many benefits to the company such as capable workforce and reduced labour turnover. He also argues poor recruiting policies can cost a lot of money to the firm and poor performance.

Now a days there are recruiters recruit by advertising on internet, newspapers and by word of mouth .The recruitment is projected to find employees on a long term basis because firms spends a lot of money on the training and induction of employees, so when an employee leaves, they have to spend again on recruitment ,selection and training to fill that vacancy. (Breaugh and Mann, 1984; Kirnan et al., 1989).

Human resource planning is also an important part of employees resourcing other than recruitment and selection .planning the requirement .Human resource planning comprises of a range of tasks to employ right number of people at when required. (Stewart.J 1996) Human resource planning is the long term planning which combines with the business strategy and uses quantitative or qualitative methods to calculate the workforce requirements. (Hendry.C 1998)

The objective of human resource planning is to design a connection between the capabilities of the employees and the business goals. (Porter 1984) Hendry .C argues that human resource planning and the businesses strategy has a flexible relationship, He maintains that business strategy sets the patronage for the successful human resource planning. (McGoldrick.J 1996)

There is a deep impact of recruitment and selection over the resourcing decision The recruitment and selection process as explained earlier prove very expensive to the company , because for the attraction and retention of new candidates companies advertise and spend time and money on the training and induction,

For an instance ,Rolls- Royce ,recruits people from all over the world and spend a considerable amount of money on employee induction .So when they take their resourcing decision ,this is a major factor ,They can reduce the intake for their recruits or they can out source their recruitment and selection .Companies recruit on project basis or contract basis .The recruitment for a long term basis can effect the resourcing decision in a longer run ,for an instance, if the recruitment is good and employee moral is high ,they would continue with the company in the future and might effect the resourcing decision.

The firm has to recruit again if the selection system is faulty and the firm is recruiting recruits which are not performing upto the required level. In this situation, firm has to change the resourcing decision and might have to recruit again.

Human resource planning is another aspect of employee resourcing which affects the resourcing decision .The hr planning is dependant upon the business requirements, if the strategy is down sizing and reducing the cost base than hr will plan a strategy to reduce or relocate the workforce, this affects the resourcing decision .


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