Finding PhD in UK universities

There are lot of Phd programme opportunities available in UK, but they can be hard to find.

I would recommend use these online resouces provided below to narrow down your options and then visiting the web sites of the specfic universities with specific departments. When visiting university websites and look at what research they are doing and whos doing what, you could send one the professors , doctors  in similar area to your own an email with your ideas, send them a short description of the area you are interested in; download the uni’s application form for PhD so you can see how much more researching you will have to do in order to fulfill there criteria.

Best Online Resources to find PhD programme in UK

This website provides a good list of PhD programmes available in UK and they also clearly represent funding source and availability for each studentship.

Very Interesting website for PhD programmes in UK especially if you have a particular university in mind, try site for any studentships going. Search for the current PhD studentships being offered, will give you an idea of whats out there.

Find Phd programes and this is an online forum where you can post your specific question , this site has got quite good number of users , some are experts in this field that can answer your questions.

This is one of the most important website , via this British Library website, you can search all UK theses submitted by any university in UK. As this resource would give you good indication whether your research is new and on one has submitted the same before.