Dissertation Titles

Here is the list of various Dissertation Titles in different categories , these can be good guide to pick a topic for any under-graduate or post-graduate dissertation titles.

Marketing Dissertation Titles

  • A Study of the applications, state of the art and organization of Marketing Research in Libya.


 Finance Dissertation Titles

  • Capital Market efficiency and the performance of Indian Mutual Funds.
  • Financial restructuring of the Libyan oil Industry.
  • Financial sector reforms: Capital market efficiency and portfolio investments. in UK.


 MBA Dissertation Titles


 Management Dissertation Titles

  •  TQM (Total Quality Management) in Libyan organizations: An appraisal.
  • The knowledge of utilization capability as an enabler of architectural innovations in business process outsourcing.
  • Framework of global strategy for comparative advantage: A study of the Oil industries in Saudi Arabia.
  • Managing accidents and safety norms: A comparative study on Iranian and Libyan Oil Industries.
  • A critical analysis of Supply Chain Management practices in UK industries


Manufacturing Dissertation Titles


  • Critical Analysis of Lean Six Sigma Techniques and their implementation in the Oil Companies in KSA.


Human Resources ( HR) Dissertation Titles

  • Traditional leadership vis. E-leadership: Comparative analysis of business organizations.
  • A study of the role of performance management systems in attaining quality.
  • Developing a learning environment among semi-skill workers: A comparative study in Libya and United Kingdom.