How to choose a dissertation title / thesis title ?

It is very critical stage for the students to choose a project, to work on that. The success or failure of the project depends upon the topic and the performance done by the student. In the beginning it is very difficult for the students to take decision to work on but as the project goes on and become real with some results it gives them relaxation and hope to get passed or even become first. So a good decision from the beginning can develop a bright future. Here we will discuss some facts which can help students not only to choose their topic of project but also to get first. For this first of all it is very important to find out as bellows:

1. Find something in which you are interested

The project in the most of the United kingdom university is of six months, with a single person. But along with this students needs to study other different modules. So it is important to choose a project topic which you feel most attractive and the time is enough for the selection of topic and to work out.

2. How to find out in which are interested in

It become very hard for students to find out the project topic , we have seen the students struggling with the project year by year. So it is important to find out your interest , the area where are you are interested , where you feel motivated. Now interest is different from person to person. You need to weigh it from what you like and what you don’t like.

3. Select the known area.

One more important thing is to select the topic that should be in the areas of taught modules, don’t go out of the area.Select the subject in which you have the basic knowledge and where you can expand it more with your research.

4. Select something which is in demand.

It should also be keep in mind that this project can be helpful for the future when you will go for next study course or for the job, the results of your project will be a part of your CV and it can help you to convince your employer or the university where you want to furhter study.

5. Seek advice from Seniors / Supervisor

It is also very important to take the guidance and feed back from the supervisor with each step so that you can know you are walking into the right tract. Along with this it is also helpful to know what teacher is expecting from the student. Supervisor can provide different ideas to achieve the goal and he will also be interested in what you are doing.

6. Do something practical

The project work related with science needs something practical to be done or the question which can be answered with proof and some research to score good marks. The thing which can not be proved or answered should be avoided because they don’t put positive impact to the examiner. The practical can be in the experiment form or in the theorem of mathematics which you can prove. It is also very important to concentrate on the results or evaluation of the project before finishing it. It can done by proper planning of the the project for example if we are going to do a project on usability testing then the testing will be performed first before to write anything regarding the project.

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