dissertation discussion

Steps to make a remarkable dissertation discussion


To make remarkable discussion, you could specify the following steps:

Induce title of discussion formally: – It is important step as to let the evaluator know that what you are going to discuss.

Justification for selection of statistical tool or methodology: – It is important to justify why you chosen this method because there are many new and old methods available for conducting the study.

How you completed your work: – In this part you should provide general information about how you conducted your study along with how you avoided problems and also any precautions.

Studies related to the topic: – You should include in this the studies relevant to your topic.

Details of the current issues: – In this you could write about the current issues if your study has faced.

Interpreting results: – You can explain descriptive statistics if you have large data and also go in details of calculations which you have carried out with your data.

Comparing with different studies: –¬† It is the same thing that you may have done for your literature review.

  • Read every article and interpret results.
  • Collect as many references as you can.
  • Group them as what their results are.

The other steps that you can use to make a discussion remarkable are as:

  • Detailing individuality of results.
  • Analysis of results with respect to contributing factors.
  • Compare results with standard specifications.
  • Difficulties or drawbacks of project or study.
  • Limitations of study.
  • Accuracy, repeatability and reliability of the study.





The introduction of topic is very essential part for discussion. In this portion you have to elaborate the title briefly. And after introducing the topic, discussion can be attained successfully. As introduction includes the background history, establishment dates etc. of the chosen topic.




The checklist for discussion also includes the selection of the statistical tools and methodology. In this point you have to check whether you have provided justifications for the selections of statistical tools and methodology.


The checklist for discussion also include whether you have described work in your own words.

Reference for every statement: – It also includes whether you have provided references with every statement that you have made.

Suitable technical term: – In this you have to check whether you have used suitable technical terms to describe your arguments.

Identifying gaps: – In this point you have to check whether you have identified the gaps in your study.

Drawbacks or Limitations: – The checklist for discussion also includes checking whether you have identified any limitations or drawbacks in your study.

Benefits of implementing results: – In this point you have to check whether you have mentioned the applicability or benefits of implementing your results.

The checklist for discussion also includes these given following points also:

  • Detailing of past studies and current issues regarding the topic.
  • Interpreting your results.
  • Analysing your results.
  • Describing individuality of results and also its significance.
  • Comparing your results with different studies.
  • Including latest references.
  • Confessing about reliability, accuracy and repeatability of results.