Dissertation Brief Example

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Dissertation  Title

Role of Team management in the efficient working of an organization.

Brief Project scope and abstract

Team is a group of people related with each other to achieve a common goal. In team work a task is divided into subtasks (to reduce the complexity) by giving the responsibility to different people about their tasks and these task are monitored from time to time to make sure that everything is going well according to the plan.

When in an organization individual group is working for a common goal known as team. Team work is very effective to achieve the goal very fast, with less cost by saving the time as well. With the team, work is done in different parts which can be collaborated in the last results in early completion of task. Along with this in team work, work is done with the advice from different people, having experience in different field so it results in good planning of the work; it reduces the risk factor and provide effective way to accomplish the work on time within the limited budget.

Team work is responsible for effective working of the team. Team work is done with the help of team manager who is responsible to manage whole the team.  A team will not be successful unless the team works together as a unit. A business or cooperation will not survive unless all members work as one team. Whether or not each individual realizes it, they are putting complete trust in the other members of their “team” to work together and achieve one common goal.

This report will highlight the significance of team management in the efficient working of an organization by looking at corporate case studies and find out how efficient team management is responsible for the success or failure of an organization.

Project Objectives


  • To gain the understanding of the significance of teams and their role in the organisation.
  • To analyse the various corporate case studies and study how team management is responsible for the success and failure of an organisation.
  • To analyse the various benefits in implementing the effective team in an organisation.
  • To analyse the various challenges in implementing the effective team.
  • To provide the recommendations on how these challenges can be addressed in the team.