Dissertation Binding Guide

Wow, what a great news, the dissertation is about to complete now and you are very excited to get the dissertation binding done and see the dissertation in a full written book with beautiful cover page and your name under this, Isn’t this cool ?

Yeah, of course. But before you go for dissertation binding I would like to share some dissertation binding tips / dissertation binding advice that will be helpful.. I hope. And last thing Of course you have done the dissertation proof reading as well.

    • First and foremost important thing is give yourself enough time for binding, don’t just leave it at the last minute, so make sure to write the whole document at least a week before submission.
    • Format the document properly with whatever editor you are using like in Microsoft Word; always refer the university’s formatting guide lines.
    • Ensure things like the text has not flowed to margins or headings. If possible convert your document into the PDF format as PDF file will give you good sight of look and feel of dissertation document, you can convert this freely as there are number of tools available online at no charge to you.
    • Choose the colours in the document very carefully, I recommend using very few colours in the document and try to look it simple and professional. If you are not sure of which colour to use, use black colour for headings / sub heading / text and you will be right. If you still want to use colours then be consistent in using colours as for example if using blue colour for sub headings then makes sure to use blue colour for all the sub headings in the document and try not to use blue colour anywhere else.
    • Try to find a good and attractive cover for the dissertation binding with your university logo on it.
    • There are different types of binding available in the market like hard bound, soft bound, wiro bound. Be sure to check with your tutor what kind of binding will be best suited for your dissertation.
    • You can always consider to have a extra little things in the binding like plastic pocket covers to insert the CDs/ DVDs in those, plastic corner covers for anything else.
  • Normally it is always a good idea to get the prints on A4 size papers unless you have some specific requirements, If you have some documents that need bigger size papers then try using the folded sheets for large format sheets and ask the binding shops to insert those properly in the printed file.
  • Always ask the Binding shop to choose a good paper and good ink, as it should look glossy and shinny on the paper.


If you need any more help or advice then please feel free to  contact us.