Pointers for writing biochemistry coursework

Biochemistry coursework assignment

Biochemistry is a branch of science which deals with the chemistry of living organism. It is also called biological chemistry. It deals with the structure and function of lipid, protein, carbohydrate, cell membrane, metabolism, genetic code etc.

If you are writing biochemistry coursework or doing a biochemistry dissertation work then it is important that you should have the practical knowledge of the subject and you should know how to deduct the information from the experiments and write the information in the bio chemistry coursework report. You should have the basic foundation of chemistry and biology to start with any kind of bio chemistry assignment. Some basic concepts like cell biology, genetics, ecology and evolution are very useful to clear well in advance.


To write a biochemistry assignment it is very important to understand the question and what type of research it is needed. Biochemistry assignment can be done by understanding the information available in the books, website and journals. For example if the biochemistry coursework question is related with cell membrane, plasma membrane then it is necessary to understand the membrane structure and its different layers and transport system between the different layers of the membrane.

If the biochemistry coursework question is regarding the digestion then it is important to understand the concept of different metabolites like protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, their types and their role in the body. Along with this we need to know the different parts of the cell and how they are helpful in the digestion, role of golgi body, lysosome, nucleous.

These bio chemistry assignments can be on variety of subjects like protein, ATP, poly saccarides, monosaccarides, enzyme, glucose, etc.

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