Example: I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.
~ Peter De Vries

The line sounds similar, does not it?
If writing was not harrowing enough, you have to take care of writing the bibliography.
Now, what is it? What is the requirement?
All of these seem like some sort of unnecessary appendage to our existence.
Well guys, cheer up.

There are a number of the vagaries in academics, writing a bibliography is one of them. The funny part about the writing of the bibliography is the kind of the work required in the process. Let us take a very different kind of the perspective on the functionalities. The bibliography is the signature of the research. It proves that you have trudge through some books and the data is authentic. Not bad for starters, right.Now, let us look at the essential parts of the writing of the bibliography. It is mentioned at the end of a paper. This should have the list of all the cited research papers. The list needs to be alphabetical in nature.

There is a little difference between the bibliographies an annotated bibliography. The annotation can be a short as a sentence. The annotated bibliography is a definition of the citations that is followed by around three to six sentences. One shortcut to remember it is


Now the question?, what to write in the annotated bibliography. Simple way to look at it is

  • The explanation of the scope of the work.
  • The description of the format of the work.
  • The brief argument on the theoretical accuracy of all the data.
  • The target segment of the work.
  • The contribution of the work to the complete subject.
  • The value of the work in your composition.


Please remember, keep it SHORT.

Annotated Bibliography Example

Austin R., & Cotteleer,(2009), M. Current issues in IT: Enterprise Resource Planning.Unpublished presentation, Harvard Business School

This is a primary source of the data, which explains the various intricacies of the ERP in the organizations. The perspectives of a number of the organizations have been provided in this paper.

Barua, A., Kriebel,(2005), Information technology andbusiness value: An analytic and empirical investigation. Information SystemsResearch

This is a paper that is a definitive representation of the analysis of the data. The anomalies faced in this sector have been explained.

Bresnahan, (2002),Information technology, workplace, organization and the demand for skilled labor: A firm level analysis

This is a secondary source that develops the data process from all the participative levels. The development of the relevant software is also discussed as a part of the research.