Best ways to find PhD programmes

Important and Sucessful Tips when you are finding and applying for PhDs:

  • To start with , the most important advice is to choose an area that you are very passionate about because its a long lonely path and you will need to love it to stick with it, even when things are not going well.


  • Invest your as much time and energy as you can into the findaphd application. Refine your application , proposal through many drafts and get some expert or second advice on your proposal and application.  Fill in the application form completely. If there are 10 pages in application, make sure to take time to fill them in your own pace rather than making hurry to complete it.


  • Contacting potential supervisors is quite essential.You should definitely contact potential supervisors or search for projects on-line. The biggest mistakes PhD applicants make, is not to contact potential supervisors. Even if you have no  specific  questions to ask , you should still contact them , it still shows enthusiasm for the PhD reseach you are intended to complete !!


  • Do not send lots of generic emails out to potential supervisors, most of them will just be deleted. You should pay special attention to each programme you are applying and send every supervisor an individual and different email that has got the relevant and researched content of the PhD you are applying !!


  • Finding a funded PhD can be quite diffcult , but if you have  the funding or you have the access to funding then it is quite important when you write to a potential supervisor begin your letter by saying that you have access to your own funding as this will grealty improve the chance of PhD application!!