Key points to check before writing PhD thesis proposal

Important points to consider before writing the thesis proposal , PhD thesis proposal or any Research proposal
  • Before starting thesis proposal, please ask yourself that do you have the good interest in the idea that you are going to research because you are going to spend next 3-4 years on it and it is important that you should be doing the research with full enthusiasm.
  • Do you need funding or partial funding for your PhD thesis, if yes then Is the funding available in the university where you are applying.
  • If you are going to do part time PhD then do you have sufficient time for research?
  • Do you have all the necessary skills to do the research , if not are you ready to learn those skills like get yourself trained on any data collection software.
  • Is the topic you have chosen feasible to research or its just a vague idea , Is your thesis proposal hypothesis clear?
  • Have you done your research to make sure that your thesis idea is quite new and nobody has done the same research before?
  • Do you understand the data that is required for the research and are the required data easily available?
  • Do you have the clear idea of what will be your aim , objectives and scope of the research?
  • Do you have any plans if the results fail or if you can not collect the data ?
  • Have you checked if your idea needs any kind of permission to do this research like a permission from Government , Environment department etc.

Once you have a good idea or good title of PhD proposal and you have checked all these key points then you can start writing on thesis proposal.
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