How to avoid the plagiarism


The word plagiarism may have become a part of the everyday lives. Every assignment seems to have this rider attached. Now, let us look at the ways to understand it better. The comprehension of the plagiarism can be attained form a number of levels.

Avoid Plagiarism

There has been a great debate on the degree of the liberties that one can afford on the creation of the other individuals. There has always been a lack of consensus on the issue.

This has led it an increased incidence of the cases of the direct copying of the data. The copying of the data of the other writers without the proper acknowledgement is called as plagiarism. This is one of the incidents that is repeated in the educational scenario; and has been a cause of concern for the students. There is an increased incidence of the plagiarism because of the two reasons

• There is a lack of the knowledge of the rules.

• The rules of the methods are an area that is still grey.

In other words, the direct use of the quotations of the other writers is called a plagiarism.

All the universities have a strict policy towards the use of the data from the other sources. The use of the direct data should be avoided at all the costs. This is an area that has been the reason of the conflict in a number of the situations. The students should avoid the chasm of the copying. But, out of the experience in this area, it may be sad that plagiarism is more due to the lack of application and the misunderstanding of the concepts. There are a number of the ways that can be used to avoid the pitfalls of the plagiarism. This shall be explained by me. Now, before that it is important to understand the basics of the referencing.

The ways to stop the plagiarism

As a writer, I follow a number of cheat codes to negate plagiarism. They are simple and no-brainers. Follow them and the effects would be for all to see. They are as follows-

Please try using information that comes from credible sources.

Avoid using blogs as a source of reference.

The number of the direct quotes should always be very less (avoidance of the quotes shall save you a lot of points on plagiarism).

Please use the services of the thesaurus.

Please take care of the punctuation, as it is one of the biggest mistakes, made by most of the students.

I never use direct quotes (unless specifically asked). Any small mistake in the quote would be intensified due to the iterative nature of the checking software.

Use more of the book quotes. Most individuals go the easy of referring the websites. Now, chances are that the same reference may have been repeated in more number of the places. So, reduce them. Use more book quotes.

Please do not make spelling mistakes (this makes the evaluator suspicious and would decrease the chances of better marks).

And, please do not make punctuation mistakes.

If you are not sure that your coursework may have plagiarism then please check the plagiarism by using the various online tools.

These are some of the safe points to avoid plagiarism. But, remember, there are no short-cuts to it. Practice shall serve you well. As they say,” Better safe than sorry”.

Follow them and be hassle free.

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