Courework Abstract Sample on online banking dissertation

This is the good example of final year undergraduate project thesis on online banking or e-banking dissertation, Please carefully how the author has structured the internet banking abstract with first starting as what is the research about , how the search on internet bankingĀ  has carried out and what purpose has it solved , what further work can be done on it ?

Title of Dissertation:

Implementation of online banking (e-banking) in Pakistan

Abstract :

This study is aimed at dissecting the various features that would help in the development of a robust online banking facility in Pakistan. In order to achieve this particular goal, the whole study has been broken down into multiple areas which concentrate on the pros and cons of implementation of such a system. The first portion of the study takes a look at the literature that is currently available in terms of the implementation of the e-banking and the ways in which the literature could be used to leverage the end results of this study.

The method of the data collection is one of that employs the principle of the collection of the fat by the means of the already existing characters, interviews, questionnaires and focus groups. The questionnaire was sent to the different people and the results to the data were found out as a part of the process. The primary groups that were made a part of the interview process were the bank employees, the managers and the other people who have a considerable idea about the way that the processes are being handled. The analysis of the study put forward a lot many interesting prospects that were directly or indirectly responsible for the low levels of dissemination of te data of the online banking forms. It was found out that the people still preferred the conventional ways of the banking) standing in long ques) and other things as such. A very limited population of the people in the country is internet savvy and knows how to use the full process. One of the most important factors that is important to be comprehended here is the way that the decision have to be taken. The banks are indigenous which means that they provide us a lot of the systems that have not changed with the ensuing times. Considering all of these points , it can be seen that the banks are also to be equally blamed for the process ad the y are used to he older ways of the banking process as opposed to the newer forms of the banking. The trust plays a great role here as the decision to whether do a transaction or not is taken by the individual who comes to the bank for carrying out the financial obligations.


The good news is that the popular perception of the individuals is changing as far as the banking services are concerned. There are a lot of studies that have shown the importance of the complete banking process. The banks are also adopting the mechanism quite fully now as the conventional ways of doing the work is improving day in and day out. It is also affected by the fact that the world economics is moving in a different direction and is affected by all the recent trends that form a part of it. The parameters that affect the process are studied and the way the data is designed is also studied. A model has been developed as a part of the complete study process that helps us to decipher the various reasons for the adoption or the rejection of particular services. Trust and the perceived ease of use are the parameters that are of primal importance in the process. A model was prepared to study the impact of the various parameters and on the way that the adoption could take place.


At the end of it all the recommendations were given that could be included as a part of the process and which would the adoption of the services in totality. Given all the parameters and the work that is done here it can be rest assured that the findings of this study will go a long way in comprehending the needs for the adoption of such a process.