Abstract in an dissertation

Importance of abstract or in an dissertation or coursework

Abstract is the most important part of the dissertation or coursework. It will assist the assessor to have an idea of the key outputs of the dissertation, so it is quite essential that abstract must be

  • Short, concise and to the point.
  • Clearing mentioning the outcomes of the dissertation without confusing reader.

How to write the coursework abstract ?

Let’s see what are the things that can be included in the abstract:

  • Abstract can answer the question why is this research dissertation has been done and what exactly has been done in the research paper, in other words what is the actual purpose of the coursework, Is this going to solve any problems, any issues or is this a new area of research or you are trying to collect the already researched areas and putting those ideas in your own research.


  • The actual methodologies can be explained in the abstract like how you have carried out the research or experiments , have you used any software utilities , any statistical packages to analyze the data , any software etc. have you used surveys or questionnaires or interviews to gather the data.


  • The real results you have obtained by your data analysis and what is the actual quality of the result and how your results are going to help? , what is the actual significance of the results you have obtained; have your coursework study served the purpose?

Here are the lists of good examples of abstract or samples of abstract of different thesis for your reference: Abstract Sample:  Implementation of online banking in Pakistan This is the good abstract example of final year undergraduate project thesis on online banking, Please carefully how the author has structured the abstract with first starting as what is the research about , how the search has carried out and what purpose has it solved , what further work can be done on it ?